Media Highlights

Web & print

Data Privacy as a Human Right Must Be Recognized by Privacy and AI Bill, Say AdvocatesThe Hill Times, May 2024

La Police d’Edmonton Utilise la Technologie de Reconnaissance Faciale – The CBC/Radio-Canada, Feb. 2022

RCMP Wants to Use AI to Learn Passwords in Investigations, but Experts Warn of Privacy RisksThe Globe & Mail, Nov. 2021

T-Mobile Says Hack Exposed Personal Data of 40 Million PeopleThe New York Times, Aug. 2021

Facial Recognition Technology ‘Fundamentally Undemocratic,’ says Angus as Critics Wary of Political UseThe Hill Times, July 2021

Canada Lags in Coordinated Disclosure of Cybersecurity RisksThe Logic, June 2021

Could Face and Voice Recognition Become the New ’Phrenology’?CBC Spark, June 2021

How to Sext Safely: A Guide to Protecting Your Privacy While Getting Intimate OnlineXtra Magazine, Jan. 2021

TV & documentary

IA, Être ou Ne Pas Être (L’adulte : L’âge de la Raison)Ici Radio Canada (Documentary), July 2022

Fact or Fiction: How Accessible Are ‘Deepfakes’ Becoming?Global News (TV), June 2021

The Growing Criticism Over Instagram’s Algorithm BiasCityNews (TV), Apr. 2021

Clearview AI Violated Canadian Privacy Law with Facial Recognition: ReportCBC News: The National (TV), Feb. 2021

Radio & podcasts

Toxic Harm Online — What Can Fix It?The House, CBC Radio (Radio), Aug. 2022

Unpacking Cyberattacks on Healthcare Institutions: Gaps & Possibilities in Canadian Legal FrameworksMcGill Journal of Law and Health Podcast (Podcast), Jan. 2022

Being Watched: How Surveillance Amplifies Racist Policing and Threatens the Right to ProtestDon’t Call Me Resilient (Podcast), Oct. 2021

Biometric SurveillanceCBC Spark (Radio & Podcast), June 2021