Speaking Highlights

Invited presentations, panels & plenary talks

Age Assurance: Let Me Reassure You?
RightsCon (Panel), June 2023. Hosted by EDRi’s Ella Jakubkowska.

Ryan Ellis & Yuan Stevens. Bounty Everything: Hackers and the Making of the Global Bug Marketplace, Cybersecurity Expertise: Practice, Performance, Power, Cornell University (Presentation), June 2022

Yuan Stevens. Markets, Architectures, Norms or Law? Regulation Automated Face Recognition in Canada, Digital Democracies Institute, Simon Fraser University (Presentation), Mar. 2022

Nani Jansen Reventlow, Nele Achten & Yuan Stevens. Fuchsia Privacy Salon: Law, Technology and Policy, Google (Panel), Nov. 2021

Conference presentations

Yuan Stevens, Stephanie Tran & Ryan Atkinson.  Coordinating the Disclosure of Vulnerabilities in Canada’s Infrastructure, IEEE Technological Stewardship & Responsible Innovation International Symposium (ISTAS 2021) (Presentation), Oct. 2021

MC Forelle, Sarah Myers West, Britt Paris & Yuan Stevens. Hacker, Pieceworker, Labor Organizer? Commodification and Resistance in the Bug Bounty Industry, Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) (Panel), Oct. 2021. Panel discussion: Choosing to Refuse, Repair or Render Asunder in Technological Practice.

Yuan Stevens. Privacy Threats in the Context of Intimate Relationships: Sociotechnical Vulnerabilities in Canada’s Legal System, SERENE-RISC Annual Workshop: The State of Canadian Cybersecurity (Presentation), Nov. 2020

Ryan Ellis, Yuan Stevens & Matt Goerzen. Systems We Should Trust? The Cultural Logics of Finding Flaws, International Communication Association (ICA) (Panel), May 2019

Yuan Stevens & Ryan Ellis. Theft, War or Mere Mischief? Anti-Hacking Laws in the U.S. and Canada, Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) (Presentation), Oct. 2018

Workshops & roundtables

AI in the City Symposium: Roundtable on Public Trust and AI
, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Montréal, McGill University (Participant), Feb. 2022

Debating the Right Balances for Privacy Law in Canada Roundtable Discussion, Public Policy Forum (Participant), Sept. & Oct. 2021