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Peer-reviewed academic pieces

Yuan Stevens. Dignity, Gendered Harm, and A Flexible Approach: Analysis of The Right to One’s Image in Quebec, Canadian Journal of Law & Technology, Vol. 19, No. 2, Jan. 2022

Yuan Stevens, Stephanie Tran & Ryan Atkinson. See Something, Say Something? Coordinating the Disclosure of Vulnerabilities in Canada’s Infrastructure, IEEE Technological Stewardship & Responsible Innovation, Dec. 2021

Notable facta, briefs & submissions to government

Christelle Tessono, Yuan Stevens, Momin M. Malik, Sonja Solomun, Supriya Dwivedi & Sam Andrey. AI Oversight, Accountability and Protecting Human Rights: Comments on Canada’s Proposed Artificial Intelligence and Data Act, The Dais (formerly the Leadership Lab), Toronto Metropolitan University, Nov. 2022

Sonja Solomun, Yuan Stevens & Julia Bugiel. Study on the Use and Impact of Facial Recognition Technology — Submitted to the Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy, and Ethics (ETHI). Centre for Media, Technology and Democracy, McGill University, June 2022

Yuan Stevens & Vivek Krishnamurthy. Overhauling the Online Harms Proposal in Canada: A Human Rights Approach, Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, University of Ottawa, Sept. 2021 

Policy & white papers

Yuan Stevens, Ana Qarri, Sam Andrey & Joe Masoodi. Face Recognition Technology for the Protection of Canada’s Parliamentary Precinct and Parliament Hill? Potential Risks and Considerations, The Dais (formerly the Leadership Lab), Toronto Metropolitan University, Apr. 2022

Ryan Ellis & Yuan Stevens. Bounty Everything: Hackers and the Making of the Global Bug Marketplace, Data & Society Research Institute, Jan. 2022

Yuan Stevens & Ana Brandusescu. Weak Privacy, Weak Procurement: The State of Facial Recognition in Canada, Centre for Media, Technology & Democracy, McGill University, Apr. 2021

Benoît Dupont, Yuan Stevens, Hannes Westermann & Michael Joyce. Artificial Intelligence in the Context of Crime and Criminal Justice, International Centre for Comparative Criminology, Université de Montréal, Oct. 2019

Essays & blog posts

Yuan Stevens. Parasitic Platforms: Addressing Surveillance Capitalism Through Face Recognition Technology, AI in the City: Building Civic Engagement and Public Trust, McGill University, Jul. 2022

Yuan Stevens. To Protect our Privacy and Free Speech, Canada Needs to Overhaul its Approach to Regulating Online Harms, The Conversation, Oct. 2021

Yuan Stevens. Survivability and Resilience: A View into Windows of Vulnerabilities, Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, Concordia University, Feb. 2021

Yuan Stevens. Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game, hack_curio, Aug. 2019

Yuan Stevens. The Promises and Perils of Artificial Intelligence: Why Human Rights and the Rule of Law Matter, Medium, Sept. 2017


Yuan Stevens & Sonja Solomun. Facial Recognition Technology Speeds Ahead as Canada's Privacy Law Lags Behind, Ottawa Citizen, Mar. 2021

Yuan Stevens. Canada’s Data Protection and Security Laws are Falling Behind, The Toronto Star, Nov. 2020