Tech Policy 101: A View Through Newsletters 

27 July 2021

Recently, I’ve been asked by various folks for thoughts on how to become more knowledgable on tech policy issues focused on cybersecurity, AI and healthy media ecosystems. 

I’ve found that newsletters are one of the best ways to learn more. The appeal: the latest tech policy news and findings delivered right to your inbox. (Because we don’t get enough email already 🤡!)

I thought I’d put together a list of some key newsletters (and organizations with newsletters) in this space and in my orbit. My work focuses on human and civil rights as well as public interest technology. This list reflects those biases.

This post is also a work in progress; its list non-exhaustive. I welcome constructive thoughts or feedback.

General tech & policy newsletters

Cybersecurity policy-focused newsletters

Last updated 6 August 2021.