Hello! My name is Yuan (you-anne) Stevens.

I’m a legal researcher and academic based in Montréal. I help (vulnerable) people navigate vulnerable systems.

I work towards a world where powerful actors—and the systems they build—are held accountable to the public, especially when it comes to vulnerable or marginalized people.

My primary tools are words (and at times the occasional zine). My legal and policy work identifies vulnerabilities in technical, legal and regulatory systems. I help society understand and navigate these systems.
I currently advance this work as Policy Lead on Technology, Cybersecurity, and Democracy with a think-and-do tank called the Ryerson Leadership Lab at Ryerson University and as a Research Affiliate for McGill University‘s Centre for Media, Technology & Democracy and Data & Society Research Instiute

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︎ (Ryerson-related inquiries) yuan.stevens {at} ryerson.ca

︎ (McGill-related inquiries) yuan.stevens {at} affiliate.mcgill.ca
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︎(Otherwise) hello@yuanstevens.org